Only a few perfumes in the history managed to elevate their status to iconic, so that their name is a synonym for perfume. If you would ask people to name one perfume of all the perfumes in the world, most likely that most of them would say Chanel 5. In this text we will deal with the mysterious seduction of this perfume master piece and in the end we will sweeten everything with a contest where a prize is this perfume classic.

When it showed up in 1921, Chanel No 5 was avant-garde blow to the traditional view on perfumes. It was the first perfume that had synthetic aldehyde components that contributed to its fresh scent that reminded of freshly washed linen, freshness and clarity of air and ice. The only demand Coco Chanel gave to the maker Ernest Beaux was to use high quality ingredients which he did, rounding the aldehyde with absolutes of rose and jasmine. House of Chanel kept this high standard and even bought their own jasmine and rose fields so No 5 would keep its extraordinary quality.

How is it possible for a perfume to be popular for almost a century? Why women want it now as they had 100 years ago? It’s not because it was a favourite of many celebrities like Marilyn Monroe but because all of them, even Marilyn, wanted Chanel 5 because it embodied the luxury, elegance and seduction. Numerous reformulations of this perfume, biggest being when civet and musk were banned, didn’t affect the essence of this scent. It is identical and its effect is the same after all this years. The texture eventually changed but the soul remained the same.

Use Chanel No 5 all the time. It will suite every occasion. Even a few drops before going to bed, as Marilyn Monroe advised, would wrap you in opulent allure. And if you wonder where you should put it, just listen to Coco’s advice:

Wear it where you want to be kissed. Coco Chanel.

Contest: Rules are simple. All you need to do is like this post on FB and on site leave interesting, creative, nice comment below any post and the best one will get Chanel No 5.

Important note: You can leave only one comment per article, but since there are a number of them, you have enough space to write. Read our articles, let your imagination run free, leave creative comments and…Win this timeless classic. To avoid confusion, I must stress out once again that the comments are not to be left on FB but on website. Winner will be known on January 15th at 20.00 CET. Your Scenteratiner.

Lucky winner: Comment under the number 53 by Adam. The comment was everything it needed to be, nice, short, emotional and captured the essence of Chanel 5 in just a few sentences and that is endurance despite generation change, emotional connection and memories.  This was the winning comment: “First scent I remember was Chanel 5. My late grandmother wore it when she went to her afternoon walks and the scent lingered long after. It was the last scent I smelled before falling to sleep as she read me bedtime stories. Chanel 5 wears my mother, all the time, as there is no particular time when one should be a lady. That time is always. And now, when my daughter is on the verge of growing up, I want her first perfume to be Chanel 5 because it sums all I want for her: sophistication, elegance and good life. I would be the last perfume I would smell in my life. And I would be happy.”

The winner should send its info to or on FB/Instagram so we could send him the perfume. If in the next 48 hours the winner doesn’t show up to collect his prise, the contest will be annulled and a new winner will be chosen. Thank you for participating. Your Scentertainer.