Egoiste could have been Chanel classic that appeared, paradoxically, in the right and wrong moment in 1990.In the right time because perfume makers began discovering fantastic combinations with prunol, a fragrant substance that resembles prunes and dry fruit in general and that is the characteristic of Kenzo Jungle perfume. On the other hand, it was a wrong moment for Chanel Egoiste because, during the 90s, the most successful bestsellers were refreshing, citrus and aquatic perfumes like Davidoff Cool Water and Armani Acqua di Gio. compared to them, Egoiste was a great fruity-spicy-woody perfume that found its audience among those sophisticated people who wanted a touch of exotica in their scent wardrobe.

Not all egoists are narcissistic, but this Egoiste we are talking about today most certainly is. The story of Narcissus is a tale of a young man blessed with a divine beauty who, when he saw his reflection in the water, fell mortally in love with himself. Unable to turn his gaze, he withered and eventually died on the bank of the stream and in his place grew a yellow flower of timeless beauty named after him.

Egoiste is a perfume embodiment of Narcissus myth. The entire world in a single perfume, the beauty. All in one person. And the mystery – is everyone else is in love with him, why is he too? The enjoyment of one’s beauty. Narcissus’ mistake was not being too beautiful but not sharing that beauty with others. The gods show no mercy. Don’t do the same mistake. Don’t wear Egoiste when you are alone, but only when you have some company. Share this divine fragrance with people.

Egoiste’s perfume composition is unique for Chanel. Perfume critic Luka Turin says it is the most Guerlain of all Channel perfumes. That is probably why I like it so much. Chanel’s knowledge of woody notes and Guerlain’s knowledge of vanilla and spices. Pure perfection. The best of the best. Finally, you can show the world how much you love yourself in a socially acceptable and kinky attractive way.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: tangerine, rosewood; middle notes: coriander, rose, cinnamon; base notes: vanilla, sandalwood, amber, tobacco.

[Fragrance group] woody spicy.

Perfume creator is Jacques Polge.