Being Chanel means being an icon of the twentieth century. After all, Chanel no 5 is the best-selling perfume ever, a fragrance that marked the previous 100 years. Even today, one piece is sold in the world every 30 seconds. They say wearing a Chanel suit has life-changing power. After all, in TV shows and movies, we have seen characters shouting: Don’t touch me, young lady, I’m wearing Chanel. Then what problem can someone who marked the twentieth century have? Of course, the problem is – staying in it. But, Chanel leaves nothing to chance, pun intended, including rejuvenating the brand and getting closer to younger people, and their solution is Chance.


Chance has all the qualities that characterize old Chanel perfumes but soothed just enough to keep the distinctiveness concerning perfumes of other luxury perfume brands such as Guerlain and Dior, yet not to create an instant association of the dressing tables of their mothers and grandmothers. Master perfumer Jacques Polge played the central role. He made some of the most beautiful Chanel perfumes ever like women’s Cristalle, Allure, Coco Mademoiselle, men’s Egoiste, Antaeus, Bleu, and transformed the brand and introduced it into a new era.

Chance fits perfectly into the modern trends of sweet, gourmand perfumes, but especially with the ingenious use of fragrant note of patchouli. All fans of this aromatic note, which gained popularity during the hippie revolution, know its woody, herbal and wet, earthy scent. But with a special touch from Chanel’s perfumer, it has been transformed into a sweet smell, almost crunchy and powdery, resembling homemade macaroon. But unlike most gourmand perfumes, Chance is not banal. At the same time, it is warm, velvety, but also elegant and sophisticated, which makes it an ideal fragrant companion for any occasion. In it, the ideal of the woman that Coco herself imagined was shown in an olfactory way. Brave, self-confident, strong, and unwavering, but also sensual and erotic. A woman who refuses to be put in a metaphorical box but welcomes all the characteristics of a female being and, in her own way, uniting them into a magical whole. It is not by accident that the bottle is circular in shape, and it is not by coincidence that happiness is symbolized with a circle in taro card the luck. With Chance, you can be sure that you will always smell perfect in whichever direction Destiny decides to turn and roll you.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: pink pepper; middle notes: jasmine, iris; base notes: patchouli, vanilla, musk.

[Fragrance group] chypre floral.

The creator of the perfume is Jacques Polge.