Bleu de Chanel review

Bleu de Chanel is the first pillar fragrance that Chanel house launched after commercially unsuccessful Egoiste. It appeared in 2010 and it is the epitome of a woody aromatic genre. That trend was very popular among masculine perfumes at the time. Whether they were grouped in one, catastrophic end of the spectrum like CK Euphoria for Men or CK Obsessed Intense for Women.. Or in the other, more pleasant and successful, such as Bleu de Chanel and fruity Diptyque Philosykos. Whatever the case may be, BdC hit it out of a ballpark for sure.

Also, in one survey I conducted among more than 150 women, BdC landed in the Top 5 best male perfumes. Go figure…

Who wants a piece of that cake?

In the perfume sense, Bleu de Chanel is what happens when great students go crazy after many years of exemplary behavior and striving for excellence. The same thing happened with Chanel. Chanel watched other brands pick fruits with new aromatic and aquatic perfumes, and naturally – they wanted a piece of that cake. And they made a successful solution – a perfume that will meet the needs of the market at a given moment. While other brands were having fun with new marine and synthetic notes, Chanel watched it all through the window of their stiff and century-old room. Well, not anymore, because Bleu has arrived!

Since I often experience perfumes, as well as music, in a synaesthetic connection with other senses, Bleu de Chanel makes me feel like the distorted sound of the alternative rock of the nineties. Yes, in the beginning, citrus notes are clearly felt, primarily grapefruit and bergamot, enriched with spices (pepper, nutmeg) and aromatic herbs (mint). But they do not have a clear tone, as in the case of Terre d’Hermes (grapefruit) or Burberry Beat for Men (pepper) or Versace Dylan Blue (mint).

It is this distortion of fragrant notes that makes me feel ambivalent, torn between love and hate. But in whatever field this emotional roulette stops, in my book, perfume is successful if it provokes strong emotions, be they positive or negative. Nobody likes “lukewarm perfumes”, nor “lukewarm people” after all. Not even the proverbial gods: “Be either hot or icy, never lukewarm.” And Bleu de Chanel is both aquatically icy and aromatically-spicy hot. A mixture liked by many but loved by few.

When to wear?

Bleu de Chanel is a great perfume for business meetings and may be used at any time of day or year. Its elegance and complexity, on the other hand, demand more formal attire. It smells really masculine to my nose, perhaps because it has cedar, patchouli, and vetiver in its base. Despite the fact that I do not buy the whole male/female perfume split. While rules are meant to be broken, I would advise women to avoid this fragrance.  Except if they don’t want to emphasize that their stronger half has a better taste for perfumes. As for the guys, you will never go wrong with Bleu de Chanel, whether you buy it for yourself or as a present. Bleu de Chanel is a sure choice and a sure success.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: bergamot, lemon, grapefruit; middle notes: pink pepper, nutmeg, mint, jasmine; base notes: vetiver, patchouli, cedar, sandalwood, labdanum.

[Fragrance group] woody aromatic

Perfume creator Jacques Polge