Antaeus is a legendary perfume by French fashion house Chanel that appeared some thirty years ago in 1981 and immediately gained the status of one of the best and most masculine fragrances of the decade. In fact, it could stand side by side with cult perfumes like Yves Saint Lauren Kouros or Azzaro Pour Homme. Even though it has undergone many reformulations over the years since it appeared to this day, Antaeus remains true to its essence. He can rightfully be classified as a part of superheroes that, no matter what fate may throw at them, they still come out as the winners. That is not surprising, though, since the name and inspiration for this perfume is the famous demigod from ancient Greek mythology – Antaeus.


Antaeus was the son of the god of the sea, Poseidon and the goddess of the Earth, Gaia. Of immense growth and unparalleled strength, he was an obstacle that no mortal or immortal, human or demigod, could overcome. Even if someone found themselves more powerful and skillful than him, Antaeus had an extraordinary power, bestowed by the mother earth itself, that whenever he touched her, his strength and energy returned, and the wounds healed. He was invincible, just like the Earth itself. It was only through Heraclitus’s cleverness and cunningness, accompanied by his enormous power, that he was able to defeat Antaeus, raising him above his head, strangling him so that he could not touch the Earth and resurrect his strength and life.

The story of Antaeus is essential, not only as inspiration but also for understanding the perfume itself. For, as the mythical Antaeus drew his strength and power from the Earth, so does his perfume counterpart draw his power, charm, and beauty from earthy notes.

The perfume composition of Antaeus is a woody chypre, with oakmoss and patchouli in its base, as with all perfumes of this fragrance group. Patchouli has a distinctive earthy, green scent to which oakmoss gives density and texture, and these two notes, enriched with beeswax, castoreum, and leather notes, form the peculiarity and basis of this perfume, like mother earth from the myth of Antaeus. A strong and lasting foundation that cannot go unnoticed.

It would be best if you did not immediately sniff Antaeus upon spraying. Its power is so devastating, even for the most resilient noses. You have to let it develop on the skin and let the scent from your wrist to reach your nostrils. Although not too complicated, Antaeus offers layered enjoyment, and its transformation, from dark and earthy to leathery and animalic to refreshing green, evokes and recalls the cult perfumes of the 20th century that exuded masculinity and more robust characters. Two things that are desperately lacking in modern men’s fragrances. It may be a problem in the very time that we’re living in. It may be impossible and undesirable to be Superman in modern times, but with Antaeus, you can at least smell like him.

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[Fragrance notes] top notes: sage, lemon, lime, bergamot, coriander; middle notes: lavender, iris root, basil, thyme, rose, jasmine: base notes: beeswax, patchouli, oakmoss, labdanum, sandalwood, castoreum, musk, cedar.

[Fragrance Group] Woody Chypre.

Perfume creator is Jacques Polge.