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Sisley Eau de Campagne

Sisley – Eau de Campagne review

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Eau de Campagne is one of perfume classics that appeared in 1974. Brand Sisley is most famous for its top cosmetics for which it uses only the top quality essential oils with healing and aromatherapeutic properties. Luxury cosmetics are now joined by…

Serge Lutens – Daim Blond

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There comes a time, usually unexpectedly and without a warning, when lights of the stage turn off and we find ourselves all alone on a stage. We take of the mask and turn our gaze from the audience into ourselves. If we…

Frapin – 1270

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This is the scent of silent hedonism. It doesn’t need luxury space, fancy crowded party, sensations, and intoxication of the senses. This is the scent of a small and charming room, full of history and the golden sun rays that shine through…