Igor Jeremic interview Sensa

Perfume interview – Scentertainer : Sensa magazine


Igor Jeremic, a psychology graduate and the author of perfume blog Scentertainer was always equally interested in smells and the secrets of human nature and the mysterious laws of emotions dreams and wishes. His simplicity, knowledge and dedication once again proved that…

Igor Jeremic interview Jasmin

Perfume interview – Scentertainer : Jasmin magazine


Igor Jeremic although young knows his perfumes. We’ve asked this psychologist and blogger – Scentertainer what should you consider when choosing a perfume, why it is important to use original perfumes and what are the trends in the perfume industry. How did…

Victoria Frolova Bois de Jasmin

Perfume interview – Victoria Frolova : Bois de Jasmin


Victoria Frolova is author of one of the oldest and best perfume blogs in the world – Bois de Jasmin. Born in Ukraine, she finished her education in the US, where she completed her education as a perfume specialist at prestigious IFF under mentoring of fantastic Sophia Grojsman. As a journalist she covers…

Luc Gabriel

Perfume interview – Luc Gabriel : The Different Company


Luc Gabriel is an owner and creative director of The Different Company, French niche house known for their work with the greatest perfumers of today such as Jean Claude Ellena, Bertrand Duchaufour, Emilie Coppermann and Alexandra Monet. We’ve met at L’Atelier Belgrade, regarding the launch of two new fragrances: Majaina Sin and Santo Incienso and talked about The Different Company,…