L’Envol is a perfume by the French brand Cartier, which has been a synonym for prestige and luxury for over a century, especially in the field of jewelry. Although, since they took over one of the most talented perfumers from French house Guerlain, Cartier perfume creations became just as their jewelry ones – shiny and precious. L’Envol is no exception. In fact, it is one of those perfumes, like Dior Homme, which restores faith that it is still possible to have high expectations from the designer perfume scene. I would go one step further, and without any doubt, classify L’Envol as one of the best designer perfumes in the past 5 years.


Inspiration for the L’Envol perfume, Mathilde Laurent, found in the ambrosia, the nectar of gods of ancient Greece, believed to be able to gift immortality. And indeed, the note of honey, as well as the beautiful design of the bottle that looks as if it preserves the precious golden yellow liquid under the glass bell, visually revive an idea that has been stirring and invigorating human imagination for thousands of years. The second part of the inspiration is translated into the very name of the perfume – L’Envol, which means flight. Mathilde desired to make a light, airy perfume, and she succeeded in doing so. L’Envol is a transparent and translucent perfume, qualities that are very difficult to achieve and requires extraordinary knowledge of materials, and an unlimited dose of talent. Luckily, both things are united in miss M. The only thing for which I’m sorry, as a perfume lover, is that she creates exclusively for the house Cartier.


The perfume composition of L’Envol is oriental woody, with the omnipresent note of vanilla in oriental perfumes being replaced by the honey note. However, do not think for a moment that the honey in the L’Envol perfume is the same as in the Scandal by Jean Paul Gaultier, no. This honey is an ideal form of honey as if it was Plato’s idea. Honey in L’Envol is the idea of ​​honey, and honey in other perfumes is only its various, earthly manifestations. It’s not the first time Mathilde did something like that. Twenty years earlier, she did it with a note of grapefruit in Guerlain Pamplelune, creating the most beautiful grapefruit ever, like a grapefruit from dreams. In the top notes there is something that miss M describes as a cloud of iris, and for what I believe is iris, captured with headspace technology that measures fragrant evaporations, the scent cloud around the object, and then reproduces it in the laboratory, which can give us a much more veritable odor than those obtained by conventional methods of extraction such as steam distillation and maceration. In the very base, there are guaiac tree and musk, which provide stability and durability to the whole composition. The only disadvantage, if one considers it to be a disadvantage, and I know that many of you do, L’Envol is not an overly projective perfume. On the other hand, it is very long-lasting, and it lasts on the skin for longer than 8 hours. The final impression: a refined, elegant, sophisticated and seductive perfume, the paragon of the French school of romantic perfumery that will beautify not only your night shelf and library but also many of memories which you two will create, together. A flight, indeed!

[Fragrance notes] honey, iris, guaiac tree, musk.

[Fragrance group] woody oriental.

Perfume creator is Mathilde Laurent.