Aria di Capri is a perfume by the Italian niche brand Carthusia that first appeared on the shelves of art perfumeries in 2003. Carthusia is known for the fact that the majority of their perfumes are inspired by centuries-old monastic recipes, despite the fact that the brand was founded in 1948. The distinctiveness of their perfumes is that the majority of the fragrant ingredients are prepared according to historic traditions (similar to the house of Creed), while some flowers are harvested only on the wonderful island of Capri, especially hyacinths for their women’s fragrances. We don’t know if it’s merely a lovely story or the truth, but what we do know is that this brand offers some of the most gorgeous perfume creations ever, at very affordable prices for niche brands and brands in general. Aria di Capri is one such creation.


Aria di Capri is an archetypal Mediterranean perfume. Modern, but has historical weight. An extremely rich scent, but simple at the same time. Refreshing, but not dull. Thick but not suffocating. A fiery sensation of the senses that reached its maximum, but again did not cross the line of taste. A perfume for women for whom sensuality is not only a way of seduction but also a power with which they conquer the world. Aria di Capri is one of the most beautiful mimosas among perfumes ever made. If you are looking for a floral perfume that will not smell like most classic floral compositions, this could be your new favorite.

I can’t resist the impression that Cleopatra, the last queen of Egypt, would wear this fragrance. Lemon, cedar, mimosa, laurel, and rose… they say that she soaked the sails of ships with their fragrant oils so that when she approached the place where Mark Anthony would be waiting for her, he would feel the scents that would enchant him. I don’t think she was wrong; those same scents enchant in this perfume as well. Royal luxury, now available to every woman. Ladies, if there is a Mark Anthony in your life, you don’t have to soak the masts with fragrant oils, 2, 3 sprays of Aria Di Capri are enough and the magic of Mediterranean flowers will conquer even the conquerors.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: lemon. bergamot, neroli; middle notes: mimosa, jasmine, rose, hyacinth; base notes: cedar, musk, laurel.

[Fragrance group] floral aldehyde.