Good girl review

Good Girl is one of the most popular, bestselling perfumes by Carolina Herrera that appeared in perfume shops exactly a year ago, in September 2016. Under the slogan “It’s good to be bad” and ironically called “Good Girl” it indiscreetly sends us a message to whom it is meant for. And judging by the retailers, it certainly found its target group.

What does it smell like?

Good Girl smells like the girl who stole your boyfriend, synthetic, cheap, and empty. Bleached blond hair, neon pink shirt, leopard print tights, and hairy boots. He chose her not because she is better than you but because she does things other girls won’t (this is, of course, an allegory description of the perfume). It shouldn’t worry you because if he was stupid enough to get mixed up with her, he’ll end up sticky, smelling of cheap nail polish and vanilla cocoa latte frappuccino, and a hell of a migraine.

Everything about this perfume is pure kitsch (which can be funny, except when it’s not). From the bottle shaped like a stiletto to the perfume composition made for bloggers obsessed with the Body Shop. Coffee, cocoa, almond, vanilla, white flowers…notes that are promising but in reality smell like a spilled coffee from Starbucks, sticky on the table that you found after previous guests left.

My first impression of Good Girl

My first impression was that Good Girl is ok perfume, nothing new and definitely not matching the description and marketing campaign. But after it refused to get off my wrist day and night, I was forced to wash it away. Kitsch can be fun but in small dosages. In bigger however, it is nightmarish. Just listen to the words of Carolina Herrera: “It’s good to be bad”…if you really want to be a bad girl, stay clear of the Good Girl and choose kinky vanilla of Bvlgari Black.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: almond, coffee; middle notes: jasmine, tuberose, iris root; base notes: vanilla, tonka, cocoa, sandalwood.

[Fragrance group] oriental floral. The video for the perfume can be seen on Carolina Herrera YT channel.

Perfume creator is Louise Turner.

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