VIP Black is the newest flanker of perfume series 212 by Carolina Herrera that popped up in perfume shops across the Balkans. Like its predecessors, judging by the advertisement and scent notes, it is meant for kids who want to sneak in the party for grownups despite not knowing what they would do there. But, let’s hear what Oh Sweet Caroline has to say about VIP Black:

“New male fragrance by Carolina Herrera, 212 VIP Black, is sensual and represents the life of luxurious parties – private parties hidden from the public that no one wants to miss out. Dedicated, seductive and daring, 212 VIP Black enriches the senses and takes them to a wild night out, defining the answers full of surprises and strong feelings – the ones you get when an exclusive invitation arrives or the notification that glamour was found in New York. A feeling that this night everything is possible! This perfume takes hold of a man like a storm. It has the mist of sensuality and audacity that shows there are no limits to his mood. 212 VIP Black, exciting like the night, elegant and adventurous just like the man who carries it.”

Oh, if that didn’t make you feel sick, you better prepare yourself because here comes the analysis of this perfume’s composition and scent notes. Right after the opening, you can smell – in lack of a better word – a great emptiness in the perfume, like the painting with a huge hole in it. It’s probably due to water, liquid notes CH like to play with in VIP collection of perfumes. Many great perfumes are made through the unity of irreconcilable differences, like citrusy-amber of Guerlain Shalimar or rubbery-vanilla of Bvlgari Black. That is not the case with VIP Black. There is no unity of irreconcilable differences of scents notes around it, only a weak expectation that this Becket-like situation will resolve along with perfume on the skin. To be honest, that happens. But what we get when the upper notes evaporate is watered-down Armani Stronger with You. Just as Armani is stronger, VIP Black is weaker. Like those free cocktails on New Year’s Eve all-inclusive parties, you pay 15 Euros to get in, and it’s as much VIP as those parties. I looked up who made the perfume and guess what? It was made by Anne Flipo that made Armani Stronger with YOU. Now it all makes sense. Except it doesn’t. Why would someone launch a watered down, meek and pale copy of Armani just months after the original was launched?!

[Fragrance notes] top notes: absinth; middle notes: lavender, leather; base notes: musk, vanilla, amber.

[Fragrance group] aromatic fougere. The ad for VIP Black can be seen on Sephora YT channel. A review for Armani Stronger with YOU can be read HERE.

Perfume creators: Anne Flipo and Carlos Benaim.

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