Obsessed Intense for Women is a flanker of the Obsessed perfume line (2017) that appeared in perfume shops in 2018. It looks like the people from Calvin Klein are obsessed (pun intended) because they launched a new perfume in just a few months after the last one. As with the original version, the idea is uniting sexes and their symbolic an olfactory merger. The male version is a dark interpretation of vanilla, while the female is made on the traditionaly male fougere composition of perfume.

Perfume composition for Obsessed Intense for Women is unusual, at least when it comes to perfume design. The combo of aromatic oils and balsamic notes feels like cool and honey sweetened chamomile tea. This is not a comfort scent, but it calms you down. Maybe it has something to do with simple, black bottle and the scent of tea, but Obsessed Intense for Women reminds me of a scene from the movie Gone with the Wind when Scarlett O’Hara drinks, a bit blasé, her afternoon tea. The linearity of this perfume is like a flat line on the heart monitor. Flat, emotionless, boring… and in the end lifeless.

Unless we are talking about conceptual perfumes, I expect my perfume to have a nice composition, originality, creativity and above all – emotion. Like music, movie or any other art form, perfumes should stir emotions as well as stimulate intellectual capacities. In Obsessed Intense for Women case, my intellect was somewhat stimulated with the unusual choice of perfume notes, different from the majority of female perfumes that appeared lately. Sadly, intellectual curiosity was not followed by an emotional response and that discrepancy between the heart and the brain is not something I can easily forgive. Anyhow, because of its peculiarity, go to the perfume shop and try Obsessed Intense for Women. This direct scent that develops close to the skin won’t unsettle you during your day and if you forget to drink your afternoon tea, all you have to do is smell your wrist and inhale this perfume a few times.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: citrus, elemi, tangerine; middle notes: violet, lavender, sage; base notes: labdanum, amber, musk.

[Fragrance group] oriental fougere.

[Perfume profiling] introverted 50% extroverted 50% rational 60% emotional 40 %

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