Euphoria is a perfume by the American fashion brand Calvin Klein, created in the late 1960s. The perfume was launched in 2005, during a very fruitful period of the designer perfume scene. While it can’t stand side by side with giants like Dior Homme and Guerlain Insolence, Euphoria is one of the most beautiful commercial perfumes from that and any other period. Calvin Klein may have been prone to failures like Calvin Klein Women lately, but let’s not forget that this house has indebted us to many perfume legends and classics: Obsession, Truth, Eternity, Encounter, cK One, as well as unique formulations and notes that do not exist in any other perfume, such as Crave, a perfume that contains a starfish fragrant note.


For starters, let’s see what Calvin Klein says about Euphoria perfume:

Euphoria provides a feeling of freedom, a journey without limits. It is an attitude of mind and body that is provocative and elated. It’s all about making a dream come true. With the scent of Euphoria, women can get rid of all inhibitions and follow their most intimate desires. The fragrance is oriental, seductive, combines exotic fruits, coquettish floral notes enriched with a creamy scent.

The perfume composition of Euphoria perfume is fruity and floral. Like the vast majority of fragrances in this category, their structures are copies of the famous perfume Thierry Mugler Angel. It is a chord of red fruit (in the case of Euphoria fragrant notes of pomegranate), patchouli and caramel. What distinguishes Euphoria from Angel perfume is it’s pleasant creamy, almost milky texture. Even though it is a copy, after all, why reject a structure that works and is good? All is forgiven because the result is fantastic. Patchouli is present from the very beginning, but never loud. It just gives depth, complexity, and soothes sweet notes. The angelic structure  (pun intended) is enriched with a beautiful floral facet made of violet and orchid. The freshness of this perfume is given by the citrus-aromatic accord of lemon and tea, and the sweetness, in addition to the autumn fruit, is given by the note of peach. Euphoria stays on the skin for a very long time, which is understandable since it has a high proportion of base notes of vanilla, amber, and sandalwood. Euphoria may not be a perfume packed with ecstasy and euphoria, but it is a safe and beautiful choice for young people, or for all who feel that way. It is a real example of a good perfume, and it doesn’t have to do anything but make us smile, and Euphoria does it so perfectly.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: pomegranate, green notes, peach, caramel; middle notes: violet, orchid, lotus; base notes: vanilla, sandalwood, amber, musk, patchouli.

[Fragrance group] fruity floral.

The creators of the perfume are Dominique Ropion, Carlos Benaim, and Loc Dong.