Pink Sapphire is a flanker of famous Omnia perfume line by Bvlgari. It arrived in perfume shops this spring and joined the other Omnias: Amethyste, Coral, Indian Garnet, Crystalline, Green Jade and Paraiba.  It was created by famous Alberto Morillas, who was in charge with most of Bvlgari’s perfumes from Omnia and Goldea to Bvlgari Man and BLV line.

Before we begin, let’s see what Bvlgari has to say about Pink Sapphire:

This is a bubbly and goofy perfume that radiates sun vibes just like the perfume color (?). Its opening is like a bubbly mix of citrus and pink pepper notes that invite you to enjoy the unbounded happiness. The pink elixir then takes you to the magic parts of Tahiti and Polynesia, the homeland of frangipani flower that makes the creamy floral basis of this scent. It is wrapped in elegant white musk and rounded with complex wood notes.”

Pink Saphire really opens with citrus notes, but very strong, raw and masculine. Like old male classics. Instead of pink pepper, I smelled aquatic notes which leads me to believe this is a male perfume despite its name. I expected some vanilla musk type of perfume, like Prada Candy. I must admit I was quite surprised and startled with this one. I don’t get the discrepancy between the name and the PR campaign that takes us to Tahiti and Polynesia when it only leads us to the male locker room in a local gym. Far from being a bad perfume, on the contrary, since Bvlgary perfumes aren’t pricy I would recommend it to any guy who is not embarrassed with the pink bottle. The perfume can be used during the summer, as a day perfume or after a workout session. Floral and musk notes are discreet and will not hurt your masculine, macho image. If you want to smell like a strong, free man use…Pink…Saphire….I know.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: pomelo, grape; middle notes: frangipani; base notes: musk, vanilla, wood

[Fragrance group] citrus

Perfume creator is Alberto Morillas.