The Roman Night is the newest flanker Goldea perfume line that appeared in perfume shops in September 2017. It was marketed as the fruit interpretation of rose from Goldea Rose and signed by famous Alberto Morillas. Its cover face is Bella Hadid, a girl of gracious beauty who runs from the stiff classical concert so she could have fun with girlfriends on the roof of a Roman building. Envisaged as a perfume for girls with a dose of mystery. As far as I am concerned, there is nothing mysterious about it…I would be more surprised if in the advertisement the girl sneaked out of a party with girlfriends to a concert of classical music.

Bvlgari Goldea The Roman Night is in vivo lesion of perfume evaporation. Not even David Copperfield could make a perfume disappear so quickly from the skin. Go ahead, try it during your lunch break. If you don’t like it rest assured that by the time you return to work or school, your wrist will be odorless and ph neutral.

I am very sorry that the execution of this perfume is so poorly done because the notes were promising. Dark peony, mulberry, jasmine so familiar with Bvlgari (just remember legendary Jasmine Noir), tuberose absolute rounded with musk (on their website they are calling it black musk. I have no idea what that could be but they are probably just following the trend of having everything black…Black Perfecto anyone?) and patchouli. Classical chypre base with fruit variation is clearly IN these past few years(or decades), but I would have expected bigger, juicier and a touch greener fruit note of berries. And a bit of longevity. Honestly, I never insist that the perfume has to stay on the skin for a long time, but there is got to be some minimum, at least in „high perfumery“ market. As a passionate admirer of Bvlgari perfumes, I wouldn’t say no to this perfume if I would have gotten it as a present, but I would have never bought it, not even on sale.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: berries, dark peony; middle notes: jasmine, tuberosebase notes: black musk, vetiver, patchouli.

[Fragrance group] chypre floral fruity. You can check the ad for the newest Bvlgari on their official YT channel.

Perfume creator is Alberto Morillas.

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