Mr. Burberry is the newest perfume of English perfume house Burberry that appeared in 2017 in eau de parfum concentrate. Upping the scented part compared to the last year’s eau de toilette concentrate not only did intensify the scent but also developed warmth and sensuality. Whether your style is sharp and hard or warm and seductive, both Mr. Burberry have the same message:

How to be a gentleman? The Internet and the newspaper are filed with tips on how to develop style, manners and habits of a perfect gentleman, but can we maybe learn something from a perfume itself? What can Mr. Burberry teach us?

To begin with, gray is the new black. Like the perfume bottle itself, perfectly ironed gray piece of clothing will match perfectly with the rest of your wardrobe (scent too) and will look elegant in every opportunity. Remember,

Simplicity above all! Less is more!

That applies for the perfume itself…add some memorable detail like a good scarf, wristwatch or perfume. Something to spice up your look, just like hot spices do to the entire perfume composition of Mr. Burberry. Notes of cardamom and cinnamon will intrigue the people around you, just like your entire appearance. But in order to leave a perfect impression, perfect clothes and manners must be followed by clear, striking speech. Just look how Mr. Burberry communicates with us. Despite having some of the strongest ingredients in perfume industry, they appear smooth, velvety, creamy and decent. Amber and sandalwood. Patchouli and vetiver. Titanium strength whispered. You don’t have to shout for people to hear you. That is not the gentleman way. That is not Mr. Burberry way.

Now that we know all this, where to start? Why not with the ultimate gentleman…Mr. Burberry?

[Fragrance notes] top notes: grape, mint, cardamom; middle notes: lavender, cinnamon: base notes: cedar, patchouli, amber, sandalwood, benzoin, vetiver.

[Fragrance group] woody spicy.

More on this perfume on official Burberry site. Another review of a perfume meant for modern gladiators can be found HERE.

Perfume creator is Francis Kurkdjian.

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