Knot is a perfume by well known Italian fashion brand Bottega Veneta, famous for its luxury accessories and high fashion. The perfume was launched in 2014. and after the success of initial formula, two more flankers followed: Knot Eau Florale in 2015 and Eau Absolute in 2018. The idea behind Knot perfume was to present us with the Amalfi shore, full of sunshine, fresh and floral.

Perfume composition of Knot

Perfume composition of Knot perfume is floral, from the very opening dominated by fresh citrus notes. First association is the scent of a floral shop, not staled like with most failed floral compositions, but soapy and light despite the thickness of white flowers. Perfume creator Daniela Andrier is a master of making perfumes that smell like expensive, refined soaps. Some of her best works are Guerlain Angelique Noire and Prada Infusion d’Iris.  Like those perfumes, Knot has the same quality achieved by mixing ingredients from bitter orange: neroli and orange blossom.

bottega veneta knot

Neroli and orange blossom

The difference between these two scent substances is in the extraction procedure and the production of fragrant oils. Neroli is produced through a steam distilling of flowers and has a fresh, green, soapy, clean and mild floral scent. The absolute of orange blossom is extracted through solvents or through classic enfleurage technique. Therefore, absolute has a much thicker, heavier and sweeter floral scent than neroli.

The beauty of floral notes of neroli, orange blossom, rose, peony is furthermore balanced by the aromatic scent of lavender, so natural and creamy, a perfect introduction to the salty, musky drydown of the perfume. Although tonka pods are listed as well, I couldn’t smell them but I don’t care. I always have Givenchy Pi in my collection for the coming winter.

The Final thoughts

Knot is not a perfume that will knock you off your feet. It is also not a perfume that will disappoint you when you feel like smelling fresh, and floral and clean all day long. It lasts extraordinarily long and the aura is strong just enough to let you know you smell good, but it is still ladylike discreet. The ideal time to wear this perfume would be spring, mildly warm summer days and early autumn.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: tangerine, lime, neroli, orange blossom; middle notes: rose, peony, lavender; base notes: musk, tonka.

[Fragrance group] floral.

Perfume creator is Daniela Andrier.