Famous Italian fashion and perfume brand Armani presented its two newest perfumes that tell a love story. This is a tale of young love full of passion, emotions and sweet moment of bliss. Perfume duo Because it’s You (female) and Stronger with You (male) is the allegory of contemporary perfume industry and that story is told through these two perfumes, their fragrance notes, compositions and the way they work, intoxicating the senses and seducing the mind.

The most beautiful scent is the scent of a loved one

Because it’s You is an ideal summer perfume although I can tell that many girls will use it as a secret weapon of seduction during the winter, in clubs full of people. Perfume’s opening is an explosion of fruity notes of raspberry and black currant. Raspberry in most perfumes is pretty dominant and sharp, but in Because it’s You its dominance is enriched and soothed with mildly earthy sub tones of black currant giving us a tender hint of the floral composition that awaits us behind the horizon. If your favorite sweet is fruit ice cream, than you will love this one. Despite its strong and direct opening, one can smell the middle and base notes of the perfume. The main note from which perfume creator Anne Flipo started was violet. This special, beautiful flower also has a powdery-sweet scent that marked an entire century. In XIX century, all blue-blood women wanted to smell like violets and now this flower is blooming in perfume industry again. Rounded with top quality floral essences – rose absolute, vanilla and musk, Parma violet dances a seductive dance that leaves no one untouched, especially her partner: Stronger with You.

Stronger with You redefines modern masculinity through my favorite scent notes, spicy-gourmet. Perfume opening is promising: hot cardamom, cinnamon and pepper drenched in warm, aphrodisiac bourbon vanilla. As a contrast to the intoxicating scents of spices and vanilla is fresh and delicious green apple. The very basis it a mixture of uncompromising masculinity embodied in cedar and guaiac wood notes and in the animalistic attraction of amber and skin. What sets this perfume from many other contemporary ones is the note of candied chestnut that runs through the entire composition, opening, middle and lower notes that you just have to try on your skin in these autumn days.

Ad campaign is focused on two young, enamored people. Kisses, embraces and scented moments follow each other and every day is a new adventure. Destined to forever tangle – hearts forever entwined – like the two rings on the cork of the perfume bottle. Perfume creators know and science confirms: the best scent in the world is a scent of a loved one…

[Fragrance notes Because it’s You] top notes: raspberry, black currant, lemon, neroli; middle notes: violet, rosebase notes: vanilla, musk.

[Fragrance notes Stronger with You] top notes: mint, cardamom, pink pepper; middle notes: pineapple, apple, cinnamon, candied chestnut; base notes: amber, leather.

[Fragrance group] fruity floral for Because of You and aromatic fougere for Stronger with You.

You can try Because of You in Sephora and Jasmin shops. If you want to read more about other pretty and romantic perfumes you can do so HERE. More on Stronger with You on Jasmin’s official channel.

Perfume creators are Anne Flipo and Cecile Matton.

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