Walimah is a perfume, or better say an attar, by an English niche brand called Areej le Dore, which combines the styles and traits of three different perfumery schools. The depth, aggressiveness, and simplicity of Russian perfumery, mysteriousness and lavishness of Arabic and delicate elegance, charm and romantic beauty of French perfumery. Areej le Dore offers Western perfume lovers new and often forgotten fragrance experiences, thanks to the use of ingredients that are either long forgotten, banned or discarded due to excessive price and rarity. All fragrant creations come in three concentrations: Eau de parfum, perfume extrait, as well as completely special attars, typical for the Arab and Far East world, the most potent form of perfume in the world.



The Attar comes from the Persian word Itar which means the perfume. I can not fail to notice the similarity of the word ether, which has multiple meanings. From Plato, which is said to be the most delicate matter, through Aristotle, who claimed to be an element that fills space between Earth and Moon, to Alchemy that describes ether as an element above all elements, in which all other elements, such as water, fire, air, and earth, are united and infused. These things, like many others, indicate how much scent, and consequently, the perfume is and was significant for human civilization since its beginning till today.

The first attars were made in India, thousands of years ago, and a detailed description of the extraction of scented oils, especially rose oil and rose water, from plants through steam distillation is described in the works of Avicenna in the 11th century. Attars has been used in many ways and for many purposes: from treating and alleviating illnesses through religious and mystical ceremonies to beautification and seduction. Russian Adam, a perfumer and founder of Areej le Dore, follows the same philosophy and beliefs with a lot of respect, delicacy, and admiration for their spiritual and earthly qualities.

Walimah attar is an extraordinary concoction of unique and precious materials, compiled in the oriental floral whole. The opening of the perfume is juicy, intoxicating, honey-like and pleasant, thanks to a special type of magnolia called the Champaca. It is mostly cultivated in Southeast Asia, and its flowers can be felt at 40 meters from the tree they grow. The natural allure of this flower is underlined and emphasized by the legally obtained musk of the Siberian deer. Musk in today’s perfumes are synthetic, and although there are various types of musks, they can not even come close to the raw, animal, full scent of natural musk, which has an aphrodisiac effect for the entire animal world, as well as man. The musky floral chord is enriched with the essences of tuberose and ylang-ylang, making this bouquet even more lavish. Walimah owes its oriental spirit to a high dose of spice notes of cinnamon and saffron that are immersed in a dry, slightly earthy mixture of tobacco, vetiver, and cocoa. Oud, omnipresent in Arabic perfumes and niche European perfumes, is mostly synthetic, but the perfumer Russian Adam assures that Walimah is decorated with the finest, utterly natural oud derived from the Bengal agarwood. Since a liter of this precious substance can reach the price of an incredible $ 300,000 per liter, it’s not surprising that the cost of Walimah Atar is a few hundred dollars for only 3 grams. The experience offered by Walimah is exceptional. As high concentrated syrups need water to be felt and to taste good, so Walimah looks for the heat of the skin and fresh air so that the wealth and playfulness of the notes can develop and appear in full shine. Just one drop is sufficient for a fragrant ecstasy. When compared with standard eau de parfum concentrations in which about 15 percent of the perfume is an aromatic substance, while the rest is alcohol, then with a new set of eyes and new respect we can approach perfume creations such as this. Walimah is by no means an ingenious perfume creation in terms of combinations of notes and chords that have never been seen. Its beauty does not lie in that, but in the olfactory experience of the perfumes that used to exist a long time ago, that had their own laws of interaction and development on the skin and those who discovered their magic in time, are those that are enough patient and the ones that do not require instant gratification. Walimah is a perfume of old for those with old souls. People who are drawn to it are like ingredients in Walimah perfume – rare and precious.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: magnolia; middle notes: tuberose, ylang-ylang, cocoa, saffron, tobacco; base notes: vetiver, oud, Peru balsam, labdanum.

[Fragrance group] oriental floral.

Perfume creator is Russian Adam.