Ninfeo Mio is a perfume by Annick Goutal, a French perfume brand, that appeared in 2010. It is one of my favorite fragrances by this house and also one of the most beautiful perfumes for spring in general. In addition to Ninfeo Mio, Annick Goutal have many more fantastic fragrances, and some of them, like Eau d’Hadrien, are trademarks of famous Hollywood actors and public figures. Some of the best perfumes of this house are Duel, Eau de Monsieur, Eau de Fier, Encens Flamboyant, Heure Exquise, Quel Amour, Sables, Songes, Vetiver and La Violette.

All Annick Goutal editions exude a simple French charm, probably thanks to Annick herself, who created the brand in 1980. Like Amelie Pullen, Annick Goutal’s life was filled with tiny magical moments, moments that were transformed into fragrant symphonies, which, even today, we fortunately have the opportunity to experience in art perfumes around the world. Or in the words of the creator:

Nature and all her wonders guide me. Emotions find expression in fragranceThe fragrance is the music of my dreams

Annick Goutal grew up in a small town in the south of France. Her childhood was marked by her father’s chocolate shop, in which young Annick made beautiful decorations, which later served as her inspiration for perfume bottles. Despite a beautiful and peaceful life, her adventurous spirit took the London route, where she became a pianist. Because of her extraordinary beauty, she was noticed in the world of fashion, and her life got another unexpected twist – Annick became an international model. After a few exciting years, she decided to calm down, moved to Paris and opened a small cosmetics shop with her friend, with jars of nourishing creams, just like chocolate boxes, printed in elegant handwriting. It was the first Annick Goutal Shop.

annick goutal

Like many other Annick Goutal perfumes, Ninfeo Mio is nature-inspired. In this case, it is a garden, a unique garden near the city of Rome, whose name is Giardino di Ninfa, an oasis of nymphs. The magical garden, which seems to intertwine reality and imagination, is also called the most romantic garden in the world. Medieval creepers surrounded by statues and rose bushes, cypresses, and the Ninfa River inspired the creation of this beautiful and natural perfume that has a fig tree at its heart.

The fig is a symbol of pure hedonistic enjoyment. From the green, aromatic freshness in the shade that leaves provide us, through the resinous, intoxicating scent of the tree to the milky, delicious fruit that even ancient Greek god of wine, Dionysus enjoyed in abundance according to mythology. All these fragrant facets are lovingly captured in a bottle of Ninfeo Mio perfume.

giardino di ninfa

The perfume composition of Ninfeo Mio is very romantic but elegant, much like the great loves in Emily Bronte’s novels. Compared to the Thierry Mugler Womanity, fig that is passionate, like a French kiss, Ninfeo Mio is a gentle, lasting kiss on the cheek and a long, enamored look after. The opening of the perfume is sparkling fresh, thanks to the green and hesperidic notes. This freshness exudes throughout the whole composition, although it is calming and, in time, overcomed by a milky, delicious fig and lavender scent. It is supported by woody notes of cedar and lemonwood, but just enough to admire the lavish crown of fruity and aromatic notes. Enjoyment with Ninfeo Mio is complete, rounded, and lasting. If you wear it, spring will accompany you throughout the year. Better said, you will become spring.

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[Fragrance notes] bergamot, lemon, orange, lavender, fig, orange blossom, cedar, cypress.

[Fragrance group] fruity aromatic.

Perfumer is Isabelle Doyen.