Since its inception a few decades ago, Amoauge has played an important and unique role in the world of perfumery. He connected two worlds, seemingly unconnected, the refined chic of French perfumery and the emotional intoxication quality of Arabic perfumery. He represented the East in the West and the West in the East. Over the years, like all of us, he went through various phases. He found himself. He was punk, he was old school, he was avant-garde, he was postmodern. He went through many paths to find himself, and now, with Boundless perfume, it seems to me that he has again returned to himself and his essence – the spiritual connection of East and West.

amouage boundless

The central idea around which the story of Boundless perfume is woven is the story of the golden forest. A multitude of diverse trees is represented by well-known woody notes such as the raw aspect of vetiver root, the smoky effect of guaiac wood, the earthy qualities of patchouli, and the green strength of oakmoss. The sun’s rays, which, as well as through the treetops, penetrate the composition of the perfume, are presented with a combination of spicy and vanilla-resinous notes in an extraordinary way that corresponds to the metaphysical duality of sunlight, best described in the works of the greatest European mystic and genius – Emanuel Swedenborg.

According to him, sunlight has two aspects. One that illuminates and symbolizes knowledge, and the other that warms and symbolizes love. This is exactly the role of fragrant notes in Boundless perfume. Spicy notes of cardamom and ginger brighten and give energy to the perfume composition, while vanilla, myrtle, elemi, incense, benzoin, and labdanum enrich it and make it seductive and warm.

When you apply Boundless on the skin, the first thing you feel is a rush of strong and vibrant citrus-spicy notes, primarily blood orange and ginger. Even then, in the first few seconds, one can sense that it is a rich, complex, and layered composition with an abundance of notes of natural origin. However, in order to get the right impression, you have to wait at least a few hours for the perfume to show its true face and reveal its uniqueness. Being patient is not too difficult, when you try Boundless, because it seems that, like the jungle he was inspired by, every part here has an interesting view.

The greatest success of this composition is the restraint of a large number of natural ingredients, an inherently difficult feat due to their indomitable and changeable character, on the one hand, and skillful balancing of dry and wet, cold and warm elements of perfume embodied in guaiac wood and vanilla. It is this constant intertwining of elements, with a camphoraceous touch of cardamom, that makes Boundless special in the world of perfumery.

Boundless is at the same time elegant and romantic, strange and seductive, unusually fresh and intoxicating. It is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, a sleek gentleman and a wild beast. When you put it on, you have the feeling that you can conquer the world or the heart of a loved one. When you put it on, you really become boundless.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: blood orange, cardamom, ginger, elemi; middle notes: vanilla, benzoin; base notes: guaiac wood, papyrus, cocoa, tobacco, oakmoss, incense, myrrh, vetiver, patchouli.

[Fragrance group] oriental woody.

The creator of the perfume is Karine Vinchon Spehner.

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