Amouage Gold is an extraordinary perfume, both for the perfume house Amouage as well as the entire perfume world. The story of its creation is a dream of every perfumer, and the imperative of every perfume aficionado is to try this perfume at least once in a lifetime. Amouage Gold, as the name suggests, is liquid gold in the bottle of perfume. It’s one of the most exquisite floral fragrances ever made, and many put it side by side with the illustrious Chanel No 5, the most famous floral perfume of the 20th century.

amouage gold

House of Amouage was founded by the Sultan of Oman in 1983, and the grand opening was celebrated with two perfumes – Gold Woman and Gold Man, which became the synonym of luxury for the whole Arab world that became more open to Europe and the perfumery of the West. The Sultan summoned one of the most famous perfumers in the world – Guy Robert, who was known for his timeless creations: Hermes Caleche, Dior Dioressence, and Rochas Madame Rochas. Robert received a brief instruction from the Sultan: Make me a perfume of your choosing, and for that, you have unlimited resources. Is this not the dream of every perfumer alive? Is it not the dream of every perfume lover, that perfumers have all the treasures and resources of this world at their disposal when they make a perfume? A perfume that will put an imprint on years, sometimes even decades of our lives?

Guy Robert, who was otherwise known for elegant perfume creations, made for the house of Amouge the most glamorous perfume that the world had ever known. He even admitted that Amouage Gold was his best perfume. From that moment onwards, Amouage Gold became the synonym of luxury, glamor, liquid gold in the bottle of perfume, not only in the East but also in Europe and around the world. Every diplomat, high official or HRH, at each visit to Oman on the bedside table of their bedroom would be welcomed with Amouage Gold, the pride of the Oman royal family. It is said that many respected figures from many public spheres wear Amouage Gold, and even that the favorite perfume of Vladimir Putin is non-other than Amouage Gold Man.

The perfume composition of Amouage Gold is an aldehyde floral, a once prevalent perfume genre that combines freshness and sparkling opening of aldehydes and a luscious, graceful flower bouquet. This category also belongs to the perfume classic and the best-selling perfume Chanel no 5. However, in the decades since its appearance in 1921, Chanel No. 5 has seen numerous reformulations that made the perfume that can now be bought in regular perfumeries just a pale shadow of its former self. Thanks to Amouage Gold, there is no room for grief or nostalgic reminiscence of old times and old perfumes. It combines the scent of sophisticated Santa Maria Novella soaps from Florence with gorgeous flowers from Grasse, complemented by exclusive and luxurious resins from Oman that have been used for thousands of years, among which is the rarest and most coveted silver incense – present in both Amouage Gold Woman and Man. Even though it’s not the most innovative formula, enjoying Amouage Gold is like enjoying the music symphony. From the opening to the moment when it leaves our skin, you have a unique experience in which each and every note has its place and contributes to a unique sensorial experience. Decadence has never smelled better.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: rose, lily of the valley, incense; middle notes: myrrh, iris root, jasmine; base notes: ambergris, civet, musk, cedar, sandalwood.

[Fragrance group] floral.

Perfume creator is Guy Robert.