Mirra is a perfume from the latest line of Acqua di Parma brand called Ingredient collection. It was inspired by the aromas of the cities, counties, and countries such as Milano, Venice and Iran. Mirra found its inspiration in the sunsets in Muscat (Oman) where people put lamps filled with intense and vibrant resins such as benzoin and incense on their windows.  Ever since the third century, merchant caravans transported spices and resins across the desert. From Muscat to Sheba, across the Jordan, they would come to the legendary Wise man road that led to Rome. There the Orient resin was much sought after and all the ceremonies were performed with the help of these mystical ingredients whose mystery is still unrevealed but remains at the border between science and magic.

Perfume composition of Mirra is classical oriental and like all oriental perfumes, it is based on the heavy dosage of scented resin, incense and amber with modifications in form of citrus, floral or woody note. Mirra was created on the unity of differences, like all the great perfumes like Guerlain Shalimar or Bvlgari Black. Only very skillful and experienced perfumer can manage to bring together very opposite scent notes so that their aromas slide into one another entwine and still remain noticeable and independent. Mirra is a union of citrus notes and orange flower on one side and benzoin, amber and patchouli on the other side, while in the heart of the perfume lays nutmeg.

One of the most important parts in training young noses who which to become perfumer is learning on the great creations of old. Following their compositions, relations, use of ingredients, a young perfumer can learn more than from the books and can gain a sense of harmony, just like young musicians learn from famous composers. By adding or removing certain elements, they can make successful perfumes, just by watching old masters. That is the case with Mirra. If I had to describe this perfume in two words it would be male Shalimar. It has an almost identical scent, fragrance design, impression. Mirra is a perfume for men who cannot or will not admit they love Shalimar and would want to wear it but can’t because it is a female fragrance, despite the fact that oriental vanilla in Shalimar has not sex nor any other determinant. Shalimar was made in Paris but it was made for entire mankind. But if you need a confirmation of your masculinity from a perfume, then choose this oriental treat. It is ideal for fall and winter days when the relish and juice of amber are mixed with the mystic aura of benzoin and incense. That combination moved people 2500 years ago and will move them now.

[Fragrance notes] upper notes citrus, orange flower; middle notes: nutmeg; lower notes: benzoin, amber patchouli.

[Fragrance group] oriental. A video for Mirra can be seen on the official AdP YT channel. Review for Shalimar can be read HERE.

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