What 99 Luftballoons by Nena and Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice were to the music world, 10 Corso Como is to the perfume world – One hit wonder. It was created to embody the essence of the concept store of the same name, founded by Carla Sozzani in Milan. This shop combined art, design, fashion, and cuisine and quickly became the go-to place for artists, designers, and fashionistas.

10 corso como

Olivier Gillotin created a perfume in 1999 that continues to delight devoted perfume lovers even today. Como stands out from the crowd in an intriguing and subtle way. It can be worn by both introverted individuals who wish to open up to the world and daring people who want to convey their strong character with a strong scent.

A unique oriental fragrance combines the notes of incense, nutty vetiver, and delicate geranium. It is joined by mystical sandalwood, which concludes its dance with kinky musk and exquisite oud. Everything reminds me of intimacy and an embrace, and it has lasted over two decades.

This perfume, in addition to having the distinct character of the perfume from the early 1990s, is distinguished by its genuineness. It evolves on the skin, changing to a powdery finish. The sandalwood does dominate, though not to the amount of the initial release. Specifically, 10 Corso Como was reformulated multiple times throughout the years, and just a shadow of the sandalwood remained, a transparent remembrance of the once spectacular wood.

We should not forget its extraordinary effect on the senses. Originating from India, this strong and sturdy tree overwhelms everyone approaching with its scent. Its potent smell is believed to encourage acceptance and understanding of others. It is even said that the Buddha himself became a Sandal!

10 Corso Como is an excellent example of a unisex perfume. Vetiver, musk, incense, and sandalwood are all notes that we find together, mainly in men’s perfumes but in smaller concentrations in women’s perfumes as well. Cute and minimalist, it chooses its customers based on character, not gender. Like the legendary Tom Ford Black Orchid, this perfume can be worn beautifully by both men and women. Don’t worry about durability; it will stay on you for up to 6 hours with an enviable aura.

There’s no doubt that this type of scent develops better on the skin during colder winter days, but due to its sheer seductiveness, I’m sure the environment will forgive you for a few drops on warmer days as well. If you ask me, its season is definitely fall. Colder days are ideal for oriental perfumes because that’s when their specific sweetness comes to the fore.

10 Corso Como, a perfume with sandalwood as its main note, does not go unnoticed. It stimulates the mind with its peculiarity and appeal to reason, but it also has a fantastic component that excites our emotional side. Those who choose it must understand that it will generate controversy wherever it goes. Even the most discerning buyers will be pleased with the creamy daytime aroma, which will hold a special place in the hearts of lovers of notes from the far East.

[Fragrance notes] sandalwood, incense, oud, geranium, rose, vetiver, musk.

[Fragrance group] woody spicy.

The creator of the perfume is Olivier Gillotin.