Lalique L'Insoumis

Lalique – L’Insoumis eau de toilette

Men's fragrances, Reviews

L’Insoumis (The Rebel) is a male fragrance by french brand Lalique, known for its magnificent production of crystal, launched in Europe in 2016. Lalique perfume creations are a match to their crystal. They are daring, unusual, intriguing often avantgarde but above all…

Zorannah eau de parfum

Zorannah – Zorannah eau de parfum

Reviews, Women's fragrances

Zorannah is a perfume by Serbian most famous fashion blogger Zorana Jovanovic aka Zorannnah. The perfume was launched in 2017 and, like Zorana’s book, became a huge success, especially with younger customers for whom its meant for. Although, a lot of ladies…


Fragrance notes – Bergamot

About perfumes

Bergamot is one of the most complex fragrant ingredients used in perfume industry today. Although it belongs to citruses (Citrus bergamia) that are traditionally used because of their freshness, bergamot has a rich palette of subtones that vary from fruity sweet, to herbal, aromatic…

Fragrance notes – Ambergris

About perfumes

Ambergris is a fragrant substance that has been shrouded in a veil of mystery for a very long time due to its physical characteristics and unknown origin. With the development of science, ambergris’ unknown origin was figured out and the “floating gold” finally…

Moschino Fresh Couture

Moschino – Fresh Couture eau de toilette

Reviews, Women's fragrances

Fresh Couture is a perfume by a well-known perfume brand Moschino that appeared in shops in 2015. The bottle with it unusual and everyday packaging draws attention because it resembles, by shape, not function, the window cleaning spray. Creative director Jeremy Scott’s…

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